"Our Song," 2018

"Our Song," 2018


Verse 1:

I can hear a distant echo
Rising up across the plain
There’s a pulse that dwells
Down in these hills
That cannot be contained

I can feel the whisper stirring
It’s calling out my name
My soul restored
From those before
Passing on the flame


Let the love, be our song
Let the love, be our song
Let the love, be our song
We will carry on
This is our song

Verse 2:

There’s a peace that’s hanging on me
It’s my time to take a stand
Like wildfire it finds its way
To every heart across this land

Now this is our higher calling
Time to rise among the crowd
We’ll send this word
Across the earth
Oh we will sing it out

Name: "Our Song"

Music By: Jeff Carpenter and Philip Sullivan

Lyrics By: Jeff Carpenter and Philip Sullivan

Performance Credits: Music Produced by the Chickasaw Nation
Bill Anoatubby, Governor

Lead Vocals – Melanie Cabaniss
Backing Vocals – John Bomboy
Drums and Percussion – Kade Norton
Bass Guitar – Philip Sullivan
Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin – Jeff Carpenter
Piano – Jacob Jones
Dobro and Banjo – Devin Malone

Production Credits:

Director - Dylan Merle-Raeburn
Assistant Director - Philip Sullivan
Producer - Jared Phelps
Editor - Jason Alexander
Lighting - Jerrell Newby
Camera Operators - Isaac Meeks, Caroline Harris
Grip - Colton Strickland, Tino McFerran
Makeup - Erica Roberts