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The 2023 Festival Parade and Band Day Extravaganza is scheduled to begin at NOON, Saturday, Oct. 7th, 2023. All parade entries WILL LEAVE their designated staging areas at approx. 11:15 a.m. in order to be on Main Street by noon. The contact person listed below will be the official contact for your entry, and they will receive the parade lineup, general information and any necessary updates regarding changes to the schedule or program.

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NOTE: If you have a float and a separate decorated vehicle or walking group, please submit an application for each one so they can be numbered and judged separately.

CANDY NOTICE: To avoid accidents or injuries during the parade, all entries planning to give away candy or other treats are required to have walkers hand the items to the public. CANDY MUST NOT BE THROWN AT ANY TIME. Violation may result in removal of giveaway items from the entry or removal of the entry from the parade. Please help us make this a fun and safe event for everyone!

Parade Rules

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: By participating in the parade, you, and on behalf of all persons participating in your entry, agree to release and discharge the Chickasaw Nation, its employees, officers, agents, and assigns from all liability, claims, damages, costs, expenses, and actions in respect of injury, death, loss of or damage to property, however caused, arising out of participation in the parade, whether prior to, during or subsequent to participation and notwithstanding that any claim may have been occasioned by the negligence of the Chickasaw Nation, its employees, officers, agents, and assigns. Nothing contained in this entry form or the accompanying rules shall be construed to waive the sovereign immunity of the Chickasaw Nation.

IMPORTANT: Please contact the person listed below as soon as possible with any changes to your entry. Changes to your entry may impact your starting location.

April Burris | (580) 421-9500, ext. 21124 |

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Commerce
2020 Lonnie Abbott Blvd. • Ada, OK 74820 • Fax: (580) 272-1282