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Chickasaw Press shares 15 years of Chickasaw history, language and culture

Release Date: 09.30.2021
By: Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby understood that the history of his people had for centuries been written almost exclusively by non-Chickasaw authors. He saw the need for a viable way to share what Chickasaw writers and researchers knew about Chickasaw history and culture. In 2006, Governor Anoatubby established the Chickasaw Press to tell the stories of the Chickasaw people from their own voice.

During the 2021 virtual Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival, a video premiered exploring the 15 years of the Chickasaw Press. To learn more about the Chickasaw Press, watch the video at

Chickasaw Press researches, writes, edits, designs, promotes and markets stories that employ graphics and photography from a Chickasaw perspective in electronic media, books and magazines.

The goal at Chickasaw Press is to “preserve, perpetuate, and provide an awareness of Chickasaw history and culture.” This is done by generating and publishing research and scholarship about Chickasaw history and culture, making the information accessible to Chickasaw people.

Chickasaw Press is the only known operating and fully staffed First American book and media publisher in the United States with production capability and regularly scheduled releases. It continues to grow as a publishing and media enterprise.

In 2013, the addition of White Dog Press gave Chickasaw writers an outlet for fiction, such as “Anompolichi: Wordmaster,” poetry like “Picked Apart the Bones,” “Constant Fires” and other creative works including memoirs, cookbooks and children’s literature.

During the last 15 years, Chickasaw Press has published more than 60 book titles, many under the White Dog Press imprint. The Press also produces digital material such as e-books and apps for smartphones and tablets.

This year, Chickasaw Press released five new titles. Among them are the third and fourth novels through White Dog Press. “Little Bird” and “88 Straight” are each taken from accounts about Chickasaws and their lives over time.

The Press also continues “Listening to Our Elders,” the portrait series featuring paintings by renowned Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen. In partnership with the Chickasaw Press, the Chickasaw Historical Society presents an abridged version of “The Indian Way: Chickasaws,” historically important account about The Chickasaw people’s lives and attitudes from almost 50 years ago.

“Funny Fani’,”another White Dog Press book for young readers, includes facts about a variety of animals while teaching the Chickasaw language.